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Filmmaking Workshops

"We live in a world where media are omnipresent” 
(Unesco, 2001)

CVF organizes media literacy and digital filmmaking workshops, in schools and informal settings as well.

Media education is concerned with teaching and learning about the media.
 It promotes research into, and an understanding of, the role and the effects of the media upon society. It seeks new ways in which people can enhance their participation in the political and cultural life of the general community through the media. Media education aims to develop both critical understanding and active participation. It enables young people to interpret and make informed judgments as consumers of media; but it also enables them to become producers of media in their own right, and thereby to become more powerful participants in society. Media education is about developing young people’s critical and creative abilities.

What is media literacy?

- the ability to analyse  and understand a range of media, including print, videos, audio and other hybrid forms such as multimedia texts, and to think critically and reflectively about what has been 'read';
- the ability to weigh up how reliable the material is, whether it is fact or fiction, whether it is realistically presented or not, whether it is reportage or advocacy;
- the ability to explore the pleasures that media texts offer, and understand how these are communicated through the language of the medium;
- an understanding of the mechanisms of production and distribution of TV programmes, websites, magazines, newspapers and other print material which enables users to evaluate their purpose and reliability.

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Get Involved

  • Get Involved CVF is looking for volunteers / interns who wish to: - make new experiences- develop new skills- develop new projects CVF may require the following informations: - education and work experience- eventually project proposal and motivation If you are looking…

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