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Social Documentaries

Cultural Video Foundation main activity is the production of social documentaries to raise awareness on social and cultural issues and ensure there is coverage of issues and news often ignored or distorted by the mainstream media. CVF works with different NGOs and International Organisations for the production of social documentaries and corporate films. At the same time CVF develops its own documentary projects focusing on different social and cultural issues.

My Way out, a documentary about art therapy and bodymapping.  The story of a group of visual artists and therapists who use bodymapping as a therapeutic process to allow children, youth and adults to tell their stories and campaign for their rights in public. They deal with different groups that experience social marginalization, physical and psychological trauma. We will understand what is body mapping through the stories of three different people

Produced by Cultural Video Foundation, Art2Be and GIZ, Kenya 2012


This video is a collaboration between Cultural Video Foundation and the Photographer Brendan Bannon, a video, audio-narrated slideshow about a photography workshop by Brendon Bannon in Namibia and Ethiopia refugee camps. This project gave refugee children a chance to explore and explain their life through photography.

Produced by Cultural Video Foundation, Brendan Bannon and UNHCR, 2008


Poor people depend on the environment for their livelihoods and well-being. Improved management of the environment and natural resources contributes directly to poverty reduction, more sustainable livelihoods and pro-poor growth. To fight poverty, to promote security and to preserve the ecosystems that poor people rely on for their livelihoods, we must place pro-poor economic growth and environmental sustainability at the heart of our economic policies, planning systems and institutions. The PEI is a global UN programme that helps countries to integrate poverty-environment linkages into national and sub-national development planning, from policy making to budgeting, implementation and monitoring.

Produced by Cultural Video Foundation, UNDP-UNEP, Rwanda 2010


This video is part of a project of the Swedish Cooperative Centre SCC that aims to highlight the situation for small-scale farmers in Eastern and Southern Africa. SCC will search for a Swedish women who want to apply for "the world's toughest job" to work as a small-scale farmer in Kenya. This will be done through advertising in Sweden´s biggest newspaper. The woman who gets recruited for the job will live and work with a small-scale farming family in Kenya for a period of three weeks. She will work under the same conditions as the family, including salary, working hours, lack of influence etc.

Produced by Cultural Video Foundation and Swedish Cooperative Centre, Kenya 2010


Mifugu ni mali - Herd is richness - a video-anthropology documentary about tribal life and traditions (history, mythology, oral literature, natural knowledge, rituals) of the Maasai tribe of Paracuyo, Tanga, Tanzania. The Maasai talk about themselves, their lifestyle, culture, traditions and ceremonies. A unique opportunity to understand the Maasai community

Produced by Cultural Video Foundation, Tanzania 2007


Livestock is the mainstay of the Somali economy and the basis for the livelihoods of the largely pastoral and agro-pastoral population. The export of live animals, hides, skins and chilled carcasses generates the foreign currency that the country depends on to feed its population. However, uncontrolled livestock disease outbreaks have kept threatening the livelihood of vulnerable pastoralism. It was in mitigation of this that The African Union's Intra-African Bureau of Animal Resources (AU-IBAR), in partnership with Veterinaires Sans Frontieres Germany implemented the LEISOM Project

Produced by Cultural Video Foundation and Veterinaires Sans Frontieres Germany, Somalia 2012


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