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Cultural Video Foundation - CVF - is a media organization with head office in Nairobi and regional offices in Dar es Salaam, Milan, Naples and Santiago de Chile. The mission of the organization is to use journalism and multimedia products to inform, educate, and mobilize social development.

CVF operates in four main production sectors:

- Social documentaries - Participatory videos - Art & music - TV & news

On the road since 2007, the CVF team has grown in numbers and experience. Since its establishment, CVF has successfully produced more than 50 documentaries and corporate films for international organizations, NGOs and televisions.


- Education and training projects using audio-video technologies, internet and multimedia

- Production of promotional and informational videos for NGO's, international organizations, and private companies

- Production of TV news, reports and documentaries

- Writing and production of “Edutainment” TV series and formats

- Production of music music video and video art

- Photo reportage and slideshows for NGO's, international organizations, and private companies, including audio-narrated slideshows

- Organization of cultural events: audio-video festivals, concerts, meetings

- Project management and consulting for ICT and International Cooperation projects

- Communication consultancy especially in “social marketing” and “societal marketing”

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Get Involved

  • Get Involved CVF is looking for volunteers / interns who wish to: - make new experiences- develop new skills- develop new projects CVF may require the following informations: - education and work experience- eventually project proposal and motivation If you are looking…

Clients & Partners


Mobile Cinema

  • Mobile Cinema The Mobile Cinema is an informative-educational project that aims to bring cinema to the poorest and most isolated Kenyan and East African villages, and show educational short movies to create awareness among the population. Employing a rare fusion of art, culture and technology, we screen educational messages together with international…